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FABRIC DRAPING: Ceilings, Walls & Decor Accents

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altOne of the most popular decorative features to any special event is fabric draping - also known as Pipe and Drape.

Colorado Event Productions provides event fabric draping decor accent services, in a choice of black, solid white, sheer white (voile) or ivory fabric from as little as 7 feet high to 22 feet high.  Wall or Ceiling Fabric is the perfect addition for elegant events and weddings. -Or- Add a Cabana for an VIP area (see ideas below) of any event! Fabric ideas for decor, entry ways, wall fabric, fabric swag accents, spandex shape backdrops, decorative stage backdrops, decorative ceilings are almost endless! 

Colorado Event Productions takes fabric a few steps further and also offers LED Sparkle Drape (color and speed controlled twinkle on black fabric drape) , LED Full Color Backdrops and LED Animation (programmable) Backdrops!

Remember: Special Lighting can be added to any event design or fabric option!  See more options HERE or click any image to enlarge to full size!


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LED Sparkle Drape | LED Animation Curtains | LED Backdrops

altCOLORADO EVENT PRODUCTIONS specializes in LED Decor options - with several LED Fabric choices to match YOUR event taste and style!

Add elegance to your event with our White sparkle Black Starlight Drape with speed/ sparkle control!  (White Twinkle Drapes available) -or- Control the color(s), speed and "sparkle" of our black LED COLOR Sparkle Drape. 

Show images and text with our LED Animation Curtains.  Impress your guests with a cool LED Backdrop with pattern, shape and color!  

In any case, these LED Backdrops are Awesome!! We've got your LED Draping covered!  Event Lighting and LED Decor is Colorado Event Productions specialty and these LED Fabric Backdrops are no exception!

Still need more?  Check out our Animated & Digital Backdrops HERE!

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